The European Virtual Institute for Integrated Risk Management and Alfa-Bird
What does EU-VRi do?

EU-VRi is the coordinator of Alfa-Bird and takes care of the overall management of the project: the technical management with the support of the Steering Committee and administrative/financial co-ordination of the project
Indeed, EU-VRi is a European Grouping with Economic Interest designed to co-ordinate European projects for both industry and for the framework programme of the EC in relation with risk management, industrial safety and environmental protection. Through its founding members, EU-VRi has an extensive experience in the co-ordination of projects, in particular in FP5, FP6 and FP7.

EU-VRi is also reponsible for the economical evaluation of the use of alternative fuels. This economic analysis aims at a cost evaluation together with an evaluation of expected market availability, in order to gain insights into market expectations. To do so, EU-VRi will provide its expertise in Life Cycle Analysis, Life Cycle Costing, Multiple Criteria Decision Making, Decoupling Indicators...
Based on the Economical and Environmental evaluations, EU-VRi (with Airbus Operations SAS) will provide a synthesis in order to conclude the project. We will assemble the elements provided by the syntheses on relevant parameters into a final document, and participate to the ranking of the candidates, and selection of the most promising solutions. 

Life cycle Biofuel from biomass 
(ATAG, Beginner’s Guide to Aviation Biofuels, 2010)
EU-VRi at a glance


European Virtual Institute for Integrated Risk Management, the European organization which provides  the highest quality of professional service, consulting, information and education needed in the broad area of modern integrated risk management and management of emerging risks. EU-VRi covers, but is not limited, to the areas of oil and gas industry, e-health, biomedical industry, corporate social responsibility, environmental risk management, business risks, transport risks, logistics. EU-VRi is organized as an EEIG.

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