LMO 09 (Levures, Modèles et Outils IX)
Alfa-Bird, through INRA, presented a poster during the LMO 09 (Levures, Modèles et Outils IX) in Strasbourg (France) on August 30-31 and 1-2 September 2010.
To download the poster, please click here.
Aviation & Environment Summit 2010
As last year, Alfa-Bird (through EU-VRi and IFP Energies Nouvelles) was present and held a stand with posters at the "Aviation & Environnement Summit 2010" on 16-17 september 2010 in Geneva.

Hereunder the posters:
poster 1
poster 2
ILASS 2010
Alfa-Bird, through TU GRAZ, presented a paper during the ILASS 2010 (23rd European Conference on Liquid Atomization and Spray Systems) in Brno University of Technology on September 6-8th, 2010.
To download the content of the communication, please click here.
Guy Marlair and Alexis Vignes from INERIS, performed a presentation during the INTERFLAM in Nottingham (United Kingdom) on July 5-7th, 2010 .
To download the content of the communication, please click here.
The Coordinating Research Council (CRC) Aviation Fuels Committee meeting was held 3-6 May in Alexandria, Virginia, USA. During this event Laurie Starck and Nicolas Jeuland (IFP, France), Marina Braun-Unkhoff and Patrick Leclerq (DLR, Germany), Joanna Bauldreay and Paul Bogers (Shell, UK) and Olivier Salvi (EU-VRi, Germany) have performed a presentation on Alfa-Bird.

Please find here the presentation.
CAAFI General Meeting and Research and Development Team Meeting
Marina Braun-Unkhoff from DLR, on behalf of the Alfa-Bird Consortium, intended to the CAAFI’s general meeting 2009.
Please find here the presentation performed by Marina Braun-Unkhoff.
17th European Biomass Conference & Exhibition
During the 17th European Biomass Conference & Exhibition, Marina Braun-Unkhoff (DLR) performed an oral presentation on Alfa-Bird with focus on on DLR’s activities within the project.

You can dowload the abstract here.
SWAFEA 1st European Stakeholder Meeting
P.Costes (Airbus F) and O.Salvi (coordinator) performed an oral presentation describing the project in general terms.

The presentation is available here.