Collaboration with other R&D initiatives and networks
Alfa-Bird is collaborating with several other European and International projects:

The Commercial Aviation Alternative Fuels Initiative (CAAFI) aims to promote the development of alternative fuel options that offer equivalent levels of safety and compare favorably with petroleum based jet fuel on cost and environmental bases, with the specific goal of enhancing security of energy supply

The Network of Excellence ECATS is an expert group contributing to environmentally compatible air transport. With initial funding from the European Commission ECATS' scope is to contribute to the environmental goals of the Vision 2020 for Aeronautics and the Strategic Research Agenda (SRA) 

Omega is a publicly funded partnership that offers impartial, innovative and topical insights into the environmental effects of the air transport industry and sustainability solutions 

SWAFEA is a study for the European Commission's Directorate General for Transport and Energy to investigate the feasibility and the impact of the use of alternative fuels in aviation.

DREAM project is the response of the engine community to commercial and environmental pressures that have come about mainly as a result of two main factors: The political pressure to reduce CO2 and the increased cost of Jet A-1 fuel.

Representatives of all these projects have been invited to the Alfa-Bird workshop in July 2011, and will be invited again at the next one, to continue scientific exchanges.